System for monitoring and evaluation of selected risk factors of physical stress
of work operations in the context of Industry 4.0

ErgoSens system is designed to monitor, record and transmit EMG signals, with processing and evaluation of the acquired data included. It increases the overall degree of automation in the evaluation of selected risk factors of physical work operations.

We intrduce bright new technology using progressive IoT networks and sensor technologies, enabling remote sensing and remote evaluation.

The novelty of the solution lies in type and complexity of the biometric and ergometric data collected and processed with precise evaluation of the signals.

ErgoSens is being developed in cooperation with experts across top Czech universities.

Complete solution for monitoring workplace conditions

ErgoSens app

The application guides user throughout the entire process: from entering information about the workplace and values of interest, to the automatic connection to the device, sensing, continuous display and evaluation of the measurement and the final report.


The cooperation of the proband will usually be required when measuring the most common measurements such as total physical load and local muscle load. Other options of measurements of external workplace conditions such as adequate lighting, noise, will be available.


If the measurement goes well, all recorded values will be stored for processing. Their evaluation will be done automatically with the complete report sent to responsible person. All controlled from a simple mobile app, without any additional burdensome equipment needed.


The result will be a comprehensive assessment of measured worker with evaluation of the activity in terms of efficiency and health. Evaluation of selected risk factors of the physical load of work operations in the context of Industry 4.0 will be provided. Based on these findings, the checked workplace will be able to proceed to follow-up action.

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